10 beneficial effects of yoga. What are the benefits of yoga?



What are the benefits of yoga? Let's look at the main disadvantages and advantages of yoga. Is it worth devoting time to yoga for someone who leads a healthy lifestyle?

Yoga was born in India between the third and second millennium BC. This is the period when prints of people in yoga postures were found on the banks of the Indus River.

Modern yoga has many directions and styles. The main ones are Ayengara, ashtanga yoga, bikram yoga, viny yoga, yogabit, kundalini, power yoga, tray yoga, hatha yoga.

What are the yoga classes like?

Yoga classes consist of three parts - beginner, main and final. Their specificity depends on the chosen direction of yoga.

The class can start with chanting a mantra, a short relaxation or a warm-up. It is important for beginners to pay close attention to what the teacher is doing and not to miss small details.


The main part usually includes practicing the exercises. When performing the asanas, listen to your feelings and stop performing the exercise if you suddenly feel pain or severe discomfort.

At the end of the class, the students lie down on the mats with their eyes closed and do the so-called "corpse pose" - shavasana. It allows us to achieve the highest level of relaxation and regeneration after the class. The duration of shavasana depends on the style of yoga you choose.

Usually a yoga class goes like this. But is yoga useful?

Advantages and disadvantages of yoga

Benefits of yoga

1. General Wellness

Yoga is called a unique system of general healing. It makes it possible to find inner harmony and improve the functioning of all organs. The philosophy of yoga helps to get rid of bad habits and join a healthy lifestyle.

2. Harmony with the outside world. Get rid of stress and negative experiences.

Yoga allows you to get in touch with your inner world and get to know yourself better. The purpose of the exercises is to discover one's potential, to find harmony and peace. The possibility of relaxation during relaxation helps to get rid of negative feelings. The ability to breathe deeply helps you stay calm and rational in stressful situations.

3: Relief of back and joint pain

There is a whole series of exercises in yoga that have a relaxing and toning effect on our body. It is proven to be comparable to the use of drugs in the fight against back and joint pain.

4. Improving posture

Yoga has a strengthening effect on the muscular corset. Posture improves, walking becomes more confident.

5. Acceleration of metabolism and weight loss.

There are special exercises in yoga that aim to improve the gastrointestinal tract and, as a result, speed up the metabolism. Yoga is not a quick way to lose weight. However, the systematic practice of yoga promotes gradual weight loss.

6. Cleansing the body

Regular yoga practice helps to train the internal organs. It improves digestion and stimulates the removal of toxins from the body.

7. Strengthening the immune system

Doing exercises activates the lymphatic circulation, restores the internal balance of the organs and improves the body's resistance to infections and bacteria.

8. Development of mental abilities

Meditation during yoga stimulates mental performance, improves memory and trains concentration. Exercise improves blood flow and oxygenates the brain.

9. Age doesn't matter

You can practice yoga at any age, regardless of fitness level.

10. Time and place don't matter.

The practice of yoga does not require special equipment. Therefore, you can practice anywhere.

The time of the class also doesn't matter much. The practice of yoga will be equal in the morning, lunchtime and evening.


Disadvantages of yoga

High class fees and hard to find a real teacher. Yoga education is a real paradise for all kinds of charlatans and sectarians.

The possibility of aggravation of injuries and old diseases - improper exercise threatens not only the usual injuries (sprains, dislocations, etc.), but also the development of chronic diseases of the internal organs and the musculoskeletal system.

Yoga is not fitness or sport, you can do it as an elective - either you subordinate your entire lifestyle to it, or you get nowhere.

Yoga is not just a series of exercises. It is a philosophy that changes your whole outlook, changes your behavior, changes your habits, changes everything in life. Are you ready for a complete change?

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